The Isar Cycle Path 2014

The Isar was never navigable by boat although at one time it was used to transport timber by raft. Today the river is a tourist attraction with its numerous nature preservation areas and re-naturalisation measures which give the river an unforgettable image and offer attractive habitats to rare animals such as the beaver and the bluethroat.

The Isar Cycle Path enables cyclists to discover the beautiful landscapes and cultural highlights along the banks of this river. The attractive city of Munich can’t be missed, but the smaller towns also exude their own unique charm. The spa town of Bad Tölz, the episcopal town of Freising and the gothic town of Landshut are all to be found along the Isar and are just waiting to be discovered by visitors with their historic town centres and numerous visitor attractions.

The Isar Cycle Path wouldn’t be complete without the Upper Bavarian Lake District which it passes through.  The lakes of Ammersee, Lake Starnberg and Tegernsee are words which excite every potential tourist to the region. Here is where activity can be combined well with the laid-back Bavarian lifestyle.


Upper Bavarian Panorama



Beer gardens are part of life here

Bavarian Guild Pole (“Zunftbaum”)A Bavarian snack


Rural tradition meets modern metropolis

Alphorn PlayersMarienplatz Munich


As you can see, there is a lot to discover on the Isar Cycle Path. We look forward to hearing from you!

Simon Mink - Isar Cycle Path

Simon Mink

Managing Director
Radweg-Reisen GmbH